Creating a consistent aesthetic in signs and lighting across a regional or nationwide chain of stores is a horrifyingly complicated task, even for a well-established integrated facilities management company like Vixxo. After all, lighting and signage for retail, grocery, restaurant and convenience stores is a bear. It’s absolutely critical in creating that all-important first impression a customer gets when he or she visits their business. And nobody does it better than Vixxo’s project, signs and lighting group. As a result, the company wanted to reach out to a slice of that market – retail, beauty and self-storage outlets – to assure them that it could cut their personal signage and lighting demons down to size.



RIVET developed “monster” creative assuring its chain-store prospects that “sign and lighting projects don’t have to be scary,” and promised to help them “Tame the Beast,” the awe-inspiring task of changing out signage or lighting on a regional or nationwide chain of facilities.

We targeted the audience with an integrated campaign combining email, search (paid and organic), programmatic advertising and social media advertising. The copy reflected the beast-taming message throughout and the call to action was relatively simple, an offer of a free site survey.

The campaign scored outstanding results, recording a phenomenal 15% cold open rate in the 15,000 emails sent with 23 potential customers (essentially, sales-qualified leads) agreeing to a sales call. The campaign drew responses from a diverse group of big name retailers, including Home Depot, BJs, L.L.Bean, Cole Haan, Tractor Supply, Petco, Jiffy Lube, Sephora, LA Fitness, and Tiffany & Co. Even better, with an average first-year value of $500,000 per sales qualified lead, Vixxo was overjoyed to see a sizeable revenue return on its marketing investment. 


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