Your needs have changed.
Today’s buyers realize their digital footprints send signals. They expect savvy industrial marketers to correctly interpret those signals for its sales teams. That means your job requires greater agility to overcome three common challenges:


You’re not the only one whose sales calls go unanswered.


B2B marketing qualified leads aren't good enough for sales.


Anyone who says you can't attribute B2B marketing to sales is lying.
It's time to forge ahead.

Whether you need to fill a gap or drive demand, RIVET can get you there.

Whether you need to fill a gap or drive demand, choose RIVET.

Brand activation


In today’s disruptive, non-aligned, digitally led environment, it’s critical to align your brand with varying types of content to advance the buying decision at each stage. Craft your sales playbook with the right value propositions necessary to win.


Sales doesn’t believe in the quality of leads generated through marketing, which strains the relationship between these two functions. Achieve greater revenues and bridge the divide by engaging a specific set of targets in a highly organized way.


Clicks, impressions, views, shares and likes as the basis of credible reporting is long since over. Learn the real impact of your marketing spend with sales-driven analytics that encompasses the entire customer journey.
  • RIVET is one of the few firms that understands that revenue is what growth is ultimately measured by. They truly understand a value proposition so that leads turn into opportunities and opportunities become revenue.
    Mike McCalley
    Marketing Executive
  • RIVET’s rare combination of industrial marketing vision producing effective campaigns that generate sustainable profitable growth, coupled with the team’s sense of urgency, devotion and contagious enthusiasm distinguishes them from everyone else.
    William Otis
    Chief Executive Officer, BantamWesson
  • We selected RIVET to manage all demand generation for the Westinghouse Electric Licensing Program. Their intimate understanding of this process as it relates to identifying, attracting and securing new licensees is second-to-none.
    Kathleen Katz
    Vice President of Marketing at SEBPO
  • RIVET delivered with minimal reliance on myself and my team. The work they did resulted in a nearly 10x return within months. Results like these, and this quickly, is incredible! It takes a village... and RIVET is my village!
    Hila Shpigelman
    Chief Marketing Officer, PHP Agency
  • RIVET did an outstanding job presenting the latest trends in B2B sales and marketing with our global communications board earlier this year. We relied on their expertise and highly recommend them in this regard.
    Sheryl Zapcic
    Director, Corporate and Market Communications, North America at Voith Holding, Inc.
  • RIVET earned the job of developing the website after they saved my butt with another website I was launching. I didn’t have to explain what had to be done to them—they just jumped in, optimized the site, and enabled us to hit our launch date.
    Joe Weinlick
    Chief Marketing Officer at Catalyst
  • This is the most excitement I've seen surrounding my brand in 22 years.
    Frank Cozza
    Chief Executive Officer at Gondola Skate
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