Most B2B industrial marketers have been there. Their companies have built the proverbial “better mousetrap,” but their market resists change. Their audience is risk-averse, reluctant to try a new product or solution, especially where health and safety are involved. And their ability to disseminate vital information is hampered by COVID-19 restrictions on more traditional, one-on-one methods like sales calls and trade shows.

Veritas Medical Solutions markets healthcare construction solutions for advanced radiation and oncology treatments. The company’s products include modular block, doors and windows that slash the required footprint, halve the construction schedule, reduce cost and save time in operation. But Veritas faced well-entrenched competition – poured concrete. And it needed to break through the clutter weighing down its audience of busy healthcare executives, architects and general contractors. 



RIVET refused to let the COVID-ravaged environment limit the potential reach of this important technology. To shatter the concrete-wall information barrier, RIVET recommended a webinar that started with the basics, then surveyed future trends and laid out its detailed story of advanced radiation shielding excellence.

We reached out to Veritas’ universe with a full program designed to demonstrate the benefits of its solution. The plan harnessed a number of channels, sending out emails and paid Facebook and LinkedIn placements, featuring short videos blasting out the date and time of the webinar. The goal was to get 1% of Veritas’ list – 50 people – to commit to attend.

The campaign completely demolished the initial target goal, with 380 prospects (7%) registering and 245 (5%) actually attending. And though sales figures are not yet available, we know the audience was engaged – there were 106 engagements via live chat or live Q&A during the session. “We were trying to reach busy people and we knew that engaging them would be tough,” said Robert Farrell, Veritas chief executive officer. “But RIVET’s help in creating a valuable, informative webinar allowed us to absolutely crush our goal.”


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