Whether working on a pumpjack in the scorching West Texas heat or a drill rig in the freezing Arctic winds, oil and gas engineers need reliable motors, drives and control systems that deliver consistent performance despite harsh environmental conditions.

As a global manufacturer of these systems, TECO-Westinghouse (“TECO”) is uniquely qualified to solve these problems. Unfortunately, however, customers’ sales experiences were plagued by the poor design and information architecture of the company’s website, as well the commercial sales team’s inexperience with this new target industry.



Following days of interviews with internal stakeholders, RIVET created a digital content map that aligned TECO’s products with its target markets, eliminating SKUs that were no longer relevant to the segment. With this step complete, the team quickly developed wireframes, page mockups, site copy and updated imagery, ensuring alignment with both sales and marketing.

Simultaneously, we also worked side-by-side with TECO’s commercial sales team to understand their sales process. A comparison of these insights with primary and secondary research led to the development of detailed audience personas and concise “battle cards” that clearly defined our differentiated value propositions (“DVPs”) compared to that of known competitors. Each DVP was specifically quantified, too, so for every common customer objection, we were able to arm sales with a real, measurable response, better preparing and equipping them to help customers through the buyer journey.

Initial response to the new website was overwhelmingly positive in every KPI (website traffic, traffic sources, bounce rates, conversion rates, etc.). Within 30 days from launch, in fact, user engagement increased 136% and leads generated from the website improved five-fold.

Perhaps the most glowing “thank you” we could have received, however, was the company president’s warm acknowledgement of our work in front of his management team. Our client contact followed by highlighting our “contagious enthusiasm” in generating sustainable profitable growth.


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