When it comes to creating space and changing layouts within a warehouse, logistics managers typically hire large crews to slowly and painfully disassemble their pallet racking one bay at a time. Gondola Skate developed a smarter solution to this common problem: elevate the racking on wheels and reposition the fully-assembled structure. Their debut at PROMAT, a large material handling conference, would have to build excitement and create awareness of this new-to-market innovation.



With only six weeks from project inception to exhibition, we developed a new trade show display that visually expressed the power and simplicity of both the brand and the product, Rhino II. At the same time, we captured customer pains to inform our paid search, e-mail and landing page content. Finally, customer testimonial videos were quickly re-cut and attached to a simple offer that’s relevant to anyone doing the trade show grind: download a ticket and receive a free drink during a live demonstration of this time-saving, innovative solution.

The campaign delivered the market breakthrough that Gondola Skate wanted. 1,001 total leads were generated from the trade show floor, a new record according to exhibit hall personnel, equating to over $3M in total revenue opportunity value.

Our client contact remarked the activity generated at the exhibition was “the most excitement he’s seen surrounding his brand in 22 years.”


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