If you’ve ever looked closely at a naval ship, you may have noticed the trails of rust and corrosion that commonly embrace the ship’s hull. It’s not just unsightly; it’s a big problem that requires regular maintenance operations such as grinding, abrasive blasting and re-painting for shipbuilders and operating engineers within the U.S. Navy. Eventually, the corrosion effects can become so bad that sections of the equipment must be removed and replaced with costly new base materials. CECO Peerless wanted to go to market with newly developed fiber-reinforced plastic (“FRP”) louvers that eliminate these issues while enhancing essential performance characteristics.



After speaking with several customers, we extracted a key insight into the purchasing decision: the opportunity cost and sheer aggravation in maintaining rusted, corroded louvers was the greatest driver to switch. With this in mind, we developed a demand generation campaign with several videos to communicate the tangible benefits of FRP composite louvers as a credible substitute to metal-based air intake systems. We established a small presence at an industry event (ASNE 2019) to announce the new product offering while facilitating the buyer’s journey with a rich landing page that included a simple brochure, savings calculator, technical paper and webinar presentation.

Customers immediately responded to CECO Peerless with over $2M in total opportunity value generated within the first 45 days of launch.

Additionally, the chairperson of the composites department at the U.S. Naval Academy was so impressed with the webinar presentation, our client contact was invited to speak to aspiring Midshipmen on the many benefits of FRP composites for marine applications.


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