CECO Environmental went to market making a gutsy assertion: that oil and gas producers could go well beyond the 20-30% oil recovery rates common in the gas exploration industry. In fact, using the company’s produced water reinjection technology for enhanced oil recovery, producers could capture most of the remaining 70% they were leaving in the ground. But the thing about making such a daring claim? You have to back it up. Prove it.

CECO’s process sends “produced water” – water drawn from the oil reservoir during the extraction process – through its advanced separation and filtration. Then it injects that water back into the well to recover even more oil. The target was large power plants, oil and gas companies and utilities in the EMEA market that had more than the usual amount of skepticism over approaches that could be considered out of the ordinary.



RIVET developed an integrated, threefold program:

  • First, the creative took the gutsy step of putting the focus on the prospect, despite the fact that the engineers who run these operations are not known for seeking the limelight. The headline, “Time Saved. Hero Made,” challenged the reader to take bold action. And promised a payoff that would ripple through their enterprise.

  • Second, the program employed a solid combination of social, email, and paid tactics. A strong component was long-tail search, both paid and organic, which located, connected with and converted the notoriously hard-to-reach target audience. Once the program was up and running, RIVET quickly saw the success, doubling down on search. And short videos showed users how the process would work in their applications.

  • Clinching the deal was a powerful offer – a detailed, six-page white paper that was the definitive treatise on enhanced oil recovery, giving the hungry audience just the incentive it needed to explore further. And pull the trigger on a sales inquiry. The program also provided the sales team with three brochures and eight project profiles they could deploy to close the sale after the initial form fill.

The company targeted 30 prospects and hoped to get a total of 25 additional RFQs from the program.

CECO’s bold moves more than paid off. The campaign had an email open rate that was 50% higher than industry averages and drew 73 form completions, with 48 accepted by sales -- 40 percent more than projected. With each sales-accepted lead (SAL) valued at $500,000, the entire program put an estimated $24 million worth of contracts in play. With a close rate of 25%, it put $6 million within reach. Turning what some would consider a risky move into a solid success.

“The program paid for itself several times over,” said Hila Shpigelman, CECO Environmental’s former Head of Marketing and Communications. “These results are a potent endorsement for the development of serious, informative content throughout the buyer’s journey.” 


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