A wide variety of materials can burn rapidly in finely divided form, such as dust, fumes, oil mist or other chemicals. Further, if these particulates are suspended in the air in the right concentration, they can explode. As such, the need to vacate these materials safely and efficiently from within manufacturing facilities is critical.

Clamp together ducting is an ideal solution to this common problem due its leak-free design and variable sizing capabilities. Seizing a moment within their customers’ buying cycles, CECO KB Duct wanted to exhaust its excess inventory of this product over the 2019 holiday season.



With less than three weeks to plan, create, test and launch, we immediately took stock of existing assets, determining what aspects of the program we could “borrow” vs. “build.” This process enabled us to save time by repurposing credible video content and redesigning existing collateral (instead of creating new). We devoted greater focus on interviewing existing customers and developing message maps to resonate with each persona. One key finding was discovered: the ease of reconfiguring ductwork with the CECO KB Duct clamp together system saved installers up to 70% labor costs.

Within a two-month period, including the Thanksgiving holiday and the week leading up to Christmas, the campaign generated a total of 310 marketing qualified leads and 89 sales qualified leads.
Estimated revenue generated over total spend measured only a 6:1 return on investment; however, this result is due to the campaign having been so successful that it was suspended three times to enable the commercial sales team to fulfill the overwhelming demand.


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