If you’re in the commercial printing business, there’s a lot on your plate – setting up an online storefront, capturing customer orders and ensuring those orders are developed correctly the first time. Managing these aspects of the business can be cumbersome, inhibiting graphics professionals from doing what they love. If only this community knew about Aleyant Systems and its variety of proven answers to these problems.



After performing a rigorous analysis of their current digital footprint, including how Aleyant Systems was leveraging pay-per-click and remarketing as part of their media mix, we immediately developed dozens of search campaigns for A/B testing and discontinued other initiatives that weren’t performing to expectations. At the same time, we worked diligently with IT personnel to refine the company’s conversion pages to ensure user behavior was tracked accurately.

Continuous measurement and refinement of these deployed tactics led to tangible results in just two months. Following a 112% increase in pay-per-click impressions and a 158% increase in click-throughs, estimated revenue generated over total spend measured a 10:1 return on investment.


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